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Brake Repair Cary

Brake Repair Technician Cary Brake Repair and Brake Service

Getting your brakes repaired as soon as possible is the best way to avoid more expensive repairs and unsafe driving. There are two ways to determine whether or not your brake pads need to be replaced:

  • Visually – The next time you put air in your tires or inspect your brakes, perform a visual inspection of the brake pads. If the pad is less than 1/4th of an inch thick, it will need to be replaced soon. However, if the pad is less than 1/8th of an inch thick, it will need to be replaced ASAP. The longer you wait to replace a thin brake pad, the greater the risk of damaging the rotor.
  • Audibly – Always drive with an open ear. If you hear a high-pitched screeching or squealing noise when you apply the brakes, you will need to bring your vehicle in for a reline. However, if you hear a grinding or metallic sound, then you have damaged your rotors and will need to have the brakes repaired immediately to prevent further damage. 

Brake System Service
The brake system is one of the most important safety features inside your vehicle. Therefore, annual inspections and proper brake maintenance are crucial in order to ensure passenger safety and avoid costly brake system failures in the future. Fortunately, AAMCO of Cary is equipped to examine, repair, and replace the entire braking system, including pads/shoes, hydraulic fluid lines, rotors/drums, calipers and wheel cylinders, brake hardware, the anti-lock system, and more.
If you notice any of the signs of possible brake failure, including squealing, grinding, and other unusual noises/feelings when you apply the brakes, bring your vehicle to AAMCO of Cary as soon as possible. Driving with bad brakes is extremely unsafe, so don’t put off brake service any longer than absolutely necessary.
As part of AAMCO’s Brake System Service, our technicians will:

  • Thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s entire braking system
  • Replace worn pads and shoes
  • Repack wheel bearings (as needed)
  • Lubricate specific braking components
  • Resurface rotors and drums (as needed; may need replacement if wear is excessive)
  • Replace old brake fluid
  • Adjust the parking brake
  • Replace other components based on inspection

After the recommended repairs have been performed, an AAMCO-certified technician will take your vehicle out for a road test to ensure that the entire braking system is working properly. 


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